Chorus Detector

The CHORUS Detector

Target Magnet Muon Tracker Calorimeter Spectrometer

This image of the detector is available in GIF format (16 kb) and in postscript (912 kb, gzipped).

Some drawings of the CHORUS-proposal are also available in Postscript.

Detector Overview

Target Region
Hexagonal Magnet Region
Muon Trackers
Hadronic 1
Hadronic 2
Bremsstrahlung Scintillator
Drift Chamber
Streamer Tubes
Veto, Trigger and Data Acquisition
Scintillating Fiber Target Test
Chorus Logo's
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Most of these documents were taken from:

"A New Search For nu_mu <->nu_tau Oscillations" CERN-SPSC/90-42 SPSC P254, updated July 20th, 1993.

The graphics were prepared using the interactive GEANT CERN-program library, W5013.

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