NEUTRINO OSCILLATION: Terrestrial experiments
LSND Collaboration ,
Evidence for neutrino oscillations from muon decay at rest
nucl-ex/9605001 Phys.Rev.C54:2685-2708,1996
LSND Collaboration ,
Evidence for anti-nu_mu to anti-nu_e oscillations from the LSND experiment at LAMPF nucl-ex9605003 Phys.Rev.Lett.77:3082-3085,1996
LSND Collaboration ,
Evidence for nu(mu) ---> nu(e) neutrino oscillations from LSND
NOMAD Collaboration ,
The NOMAD experiment at the CERN SPS
cern-ppe/97-059 Subm. to Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A . (38 p )
KARMEN Collaboration ,
KARMEN: present neutrino oscillation limits and perspectives after the upgrade hep-ex/9706023 Submitted to Phys.Rev.Lett.
KARMEN Collaboration ,
KARMEN limits on electron-neutrino ---> tau-neutrino oscillations in two neutrino and three neutrino mixing schemes
Submitted to Phys.Rev.C; hep-ex/9801
CHOOZ Collaboration
Initial results from the CHOOZ long baseline reactor neutrino oscillation experiment Submitted to Phys.Lett.B; hep-ex/9711002
CHOOZ Collaboration
Final Chooz results Submitted to Phys.Lett.B; hep-ex/9907037
L.Ludovici, P.Zucchelli,
Conceptual Study of an "Anti-Tagged" Experiment Searching for muon-neutrino $\to$ electron-neutrino Oscillation .
CERN-PPE-96-181 (hep-ex/9701007) .
NOMAD Collaboration,
A search for nu_mu--> nu_tau oscillation using the NOMAD detector, CERN-EP/98-57,
April 1998.
CCFR Collaboration,

A High Statistics Search for nu_e(nuebar) -->nu_tau(nutaubar) Oscillation,

Letters of intent:

A.S. Ayan et al.,
A high sensitivity short baseline experiment to search for muon-neutrino ---> tau-neutrino oscillation.
CERN-SPSC-97-05, Mar 1997. 39pp
E.Church et al.,
A letter of intent for an experiment to measure nu_mu ->nu_e oscillations and nu_mu disappearence at the fermilab booster.
BOONE. May 17,1997 Proposal
N.Armenise et al.,
Search for muon neutrino ---> electron neutrino oscillation at the CERN-PS.
CERN-SPSC-97-21, Oct 1997. 35pp. Letter of intent
H.Shibuya et al.,
The OPERA emulsion detector for a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment.
CERN-SPSC-97-24, Oct 1997. 41pp. Letter of intent.


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Experimental results on neutrino masses and lepton mixing.
CERN-PPE-97-038, Apr 1997. 40pp. Fortsch.Phys.45:343-379,1997
Janet Conrad,
Recent results on neutrino oscillations.
hep-ex/9811009, Plenary Talk presented at the International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP), Vancouver, 1998 

T.Kafka for the Soudan-2 Collaboration,
Atmospheric neutrino interactions in SOUDAN-2
Y Oyama et al.,
Experimental study of high-energy atmospheric neutrinos in KAMIOKANDE.
hep-ex/9706008 Jun 1997.
Osamu Yasuda,
Three flavor neutrino oscillation analysis of the KAMIOKANDE atmospheric neutrino data
hep-ph/9706546 (1997)
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Neutral-to-charged current events ratio in atmospheric neutrinos
hep-ph/9710565,Octber 1997.
  Super-Kamiokande Collaboration,
Measurement of a small atmospheric nu_mu/nu_e ratio,
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration,
Study of the atmospheric neutrino flux in the multi-gev energy range
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Super-Kamiokande Collaboration,
Evidence for oscillation of atmospheric neutrinos.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 81 (1998) 1562 -1567.
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration,
Calibration of Super-Kamiokande using an electron LINAC.
Submitted to NIM A, 14 July 1998.
Macro Collaboration,
Measurement of the atmospheric neutrino-induced upgoing muon flux using MACRO
Link to all SuperK publications
R.Bellotti et al.,
Measurement of the negative muon spectrum between 0.3 and 40 gev/c in the  atmosphere,  Phys. Rev. D 53, 35, 1996.

Hall et al.,
Tau appearance in atmospheric neutrino interactions,
T. Stanev, "Possible Tau appearance experiment with
atmospheric neutrinos", astro-ph/9907018

Super-Kamiokande Collaboration,
Measurements of the solar neutrino flux from SUPER-KAMIOKANDE'S first 300 days
Subm. to Phys. Rev. Lett., May 1998. hep-ex/9812009) .
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration,
 Constraints on neutrino oscillation parameters from the measurement of

 day-night solar neutrino fluxes at Super-Kamiokande .
 1998 . Publ. Ref.: Phys. Rev. Lett.
J.N. Bahcall, P.I. Krastev, A. Yu. Smirnov,
Where do we stand with solar neutrino oscillations?
hep-ph /9807216
J. N. Bahcall, P.I. Krastev,
Do hep neutrinos affect the solar neutrino energy spectrum ?
hep-ph /9807525
Gelb and Rosen ,
Another look at just-so oscillations, hep-ph/9809508.
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An introduction to solar neutrino research,
SLAC Summer Institute on Particle Physics: Physics of Leptons, Stanford, CA, 4-15 Aug 1997. hep-ph/9711358

Is CP violation observable in long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments?
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Update on atmospheric neutrinos,hep-ph/9801368
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The solar neutrino problem after three hundred days of data at SUPERKAMIOKANDE. hep-ph/9709473
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Oscillation of solar and atmospheric neutrinos,
hep-ph/9807235, June 1998.
R.P.Thun and S. McKee,
Interpreting the atmospheric neutrino anomaly
UM-HE98-11, Sub. To Phys. Lett.B.
Distinction of atmospheric numu-nutau and numu-nus oscillations
Using short or intermediate baseline experiment,
contributed to NOW98, October 1998.hep-ph/9810493
S. Glashow et al.,

Comments on neutrino tests of special relativity, hep-ph/970345
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Production process dependence of neutrino flavor conversion, hep-ph/9706328
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Coherence of neutrino oscillations in the wave packet approach, hep-ph/9711363 

R. Gandhi C. Quigg et al.,
Neutrino Interactions at Ultrahigh Energies,

FERMILAB-PUB-98/087-T, ( July 1998).
T. Bolton,
Determining the CKM Parameter $V_{cd}$ from $\nu N$ Charm Production .1997


J.Conrad, M.Shaevitz and T. Bolton,
Precision meaurements with high energy neutrino beams

Direct mass measurement:
The Aleph Collaboration,
An upper limit on the Tau neutrino mass from three and five-prong tau decays,

Cosmic rays:
Cosmic ray neutrino annihilation on relic neutrinos revisited:
a mechanism for generating air showers above the GZK cut-off
R. Wigmans,
On Big Bang Relics, the Neutrino Mass and the Cosmic Ray Spectrum ,
 1998 . Publ. Ref.: Phys. Rev. Lett.
F. Halzen,
Lectures on Neutrino Astronomy : Theory and Experiment .
astro-ph/9810368 .

Nuclear effects:

G. Battistoni,
Simulation of nuclear effects in quasielastic and resonant neutrino interactions.
 DETECTORS ( a few of them..)
F. Sauli,
Gas detectors: recent developments and future perspectives
F. Sauli,
GEM: A new concept for electron amplification in gas detectors
NIM A 386 (1997) 531-534
R. Bouclier et al.,
New observations with the gas electron multiplier (GEM)
CERN-PPE/97-32, Submitted to NIM.
A. Oed,
Position sensitive detector with micro-strip anode for electrode multiplication with gases.
NIM A 263 (1988) 351.
F. Angelini et al.,
The micro-gap chamber,
NIM-A 335 (1993) 69.
F. Angelini et al.,
The micro-gap chamber: new developments and aging tests.
INFN PI/AE 96/04
Y. Giomataris and G. Charpak,
A hadron-blind detector,
NIM-A 310 (1991) 589.
Y. Giomataris,
New generation of Cherenkov counters.
NIM-A 323 (1992) 431
R. Santonico and R. Cardarelli,
Development of resistive plate counters,
NIM 187 (1981) 377-380.

D. Harris and K. S. McFarland,
Detectors for neutrino physics at the first muon collider
De Rújula, A ; Gavela, M B ; Hernandez, P,
Neutrino oscillation physics with a neutrino factory . (19 p) . 1998 . hep-ph/9811390
Bueno et al.,
Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation

Disappearance Search Using a Neutrino Beam from Muon Decays, Aug 1998, hep-ph/9808485
Bueno et al,
A Medium Baseline Search for numu to nue oscillations..., hep-ph/9809252
B.Autin et al.,
Physics Opportunities at a CERN-based Neutrino Factory,
Options for Future Colliders at CERN,

P.JAnot and F.Le Diberder ,
Combining limits, cern/ppe-97-053
G.Feldamn and R.Cousins,
A unified approach to the classical statistical analysis of small signals, physics/9711021
H1 Collaboration,
Observation of events at very high q2 in ep colisions at HERA
G. Simone,
On velocities beyond the speed of light c, CERN-TH, 24 January 1998.

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